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We are now entering a time when our dependency on God is crucial. 

he most important thing we can do is establish a closer relationship with the Lord.  We are going to need the power the Lord gives us to resist the devil, who is revealing the power he has over the earth more openly than he has ever revealed his power before.  Little things like whether or not coins have "In God We Trust" imprinted on them really is unimportant and are merely tools to keep us too busy to strengthen our connection with the Holy Spirit who resides in us.  It is time we resist the devil's clever distraction so that he flees from us.  We need to look unto Jesus, the Author and Completer of our faith.  We need to claim the promises that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us because we will be facing many hardships in the near future that will try and fill us with fear, and fear is not of God but of Satan.  Now, more than ever, we must pray for the Kingdom of God to be within us, and follow God's form of government rather than continue our dependency on doing things the way the world has conditioned us to do things.  We must allow the Holy Spirit to cause rivers of living water to flow out of our innermost being so that we can reflect the love of God in all we do.  We must watch closely what we speak remembering there is life and death in our words.  We can no longer afford to be careless about our commitment to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but must discipline ourselves to build our relationship with the Godhead so that we can hear the leading of God in critical times.

We must learn how to pray continually and be accustomed to calling upon God at a moment's notice, knowing full well He will answer our call immediately.  We are living in a time now when God will be sifting the people who claim to hear His voice from those who are actually willing to listen to His voice and follow His will for their lives no matter how uncomfortable that might be, because they trust Him to be able to change evil into good.

I am not saying I have my life completely under control, but what I am saying is that I'm serious about getting my life under God's control.  I do not want the enemy of our souls to be able to snare me in some unexpected trap, so I need God to put on the full armor of God so I can resist the snares of the enemy at all times.
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